Urgent Care Centre

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Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 12:00


Following the announcement today that the procurement process for the Urgent Care Centre has been unsuccessful the Leader of Corby Borough Council, Cllr Tom Beattie said:


‘This is extremely disappointing news and will be a worrying time for Corby residents as well as all of those involved. The Urgent Care Centre is a vital service for the people of Corby and it is imperative that this service continues to operate in our Borough. Corby continues to be a fast growing place and our community deserve and need to have urgent health services available within their town.


‘We are all very well aware that the closure of the Urgent Care Centre would put a huge strain on Kettering General Hospital and this is something that we can’t afford to see happen. Corby Borough Council will do all that it can to help the Corby Clinical Commissioning Group keep the centre open.’

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