Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) and National Emergency Situations

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - 15:30

SWEP sets out the arrangements that Corby Borough Council (CBC) will put into place to ensure that people are not at risk of threatening situations on the streets in Corby during severe and extended cold weather.  This protocol will ensure that the Council takes necessary steps to avoid life threatening situations on the streets, by carrying out prompt action to ensure that all known rough sleepers have the opportunity to have access to shelter if it is believed that they are at risk due to sleeping rough during severe or extended cold weather.  The aims of the protocol are:

a) to prevent loss of life;

b) to ensure that every effort is made to engage with individuals during the cold weather period so they do not return to the streets; and

c) to support any rough sleepers in making the transition from the streets to maintaining housing.

Trigger for Activating the Protocol:

When the temperature is predicted to be Zero Degrees Celsius or below for three consecutive days. This is the minimum requirement but can be amended for extreme cold temperatures or extreme weather. 

The weather forecast is checked daily, and any SWEP period is determined by the Council’s Housing Options Manager. Once the minimum temperature is predicted to have risen above zero degrees Celsius, the SWEP protocol is stopped, and emergency accommodation will no longer be provided.  For more information on SWEP please use the following link:

National Emergency Situations:

However, there are other emergency circumstances that can override this cease of provision, such as during a pandemic, when the Government requires a lockdown period.  This will override local policies and will be notified through national news services.

The Northamptonshire area is currently under a lockdown period and therefore anyone seeking shelter from the elements will be given advice and assistance to help them into accommodation during the lockdown period.

Corby Borough Council will monitor government guidance and review this position accordingly.  During periods of SWEP or Pandemic Lockdown, we will continue to work in partnership with our rough sleeping cohort to help address their needs and resolve their homelessness situation so that they have the option of not returning to street living when restrictions are removed.

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