Potholes and road maintenance in Corby

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Friday, April 13, 2018 - 17:15


With recent adverse weather affecting the state of our roads within the Borough, Corby Borough Council has raised the issue of potholes with Northamptonshire County Council, the Highways Authority responsible for repairs and maintenance.


The Leader of Corby Borough Council, Cllr Tom Beattie, said:


‘It is clear that there is a real issue in regards to the roads throughout the Borough and it is a concern that we share with residents. We are aware that there are some roads where residents have reported damage to their cars and where there have been safety concerns due to significant potholes in the road.


‘We have therefore raised the issue with the County Council to ensure this is high on their agenda and so we can update our community on the situation. We understand that the recent severe weather has put a real strain on road repairs and hope that the response from the County Council will reassure residents that this issue is being tackled. As a Borough Council we will continue to raise these issues on our residents’ behalf and would urge the community to report any potholes to the County Council via their Street Doctor so they are aware of the full picture here in Corby’.


Northamptonshire County Council has advised:


  • Due to the severe winter weather, the freeze thaw action occurring can have devastating effects on the road conditions, especially when water can penetrate existing cracks leading to potholes
  • This year has been particularly bad – on average in a winter period the County Council can expect around to undertake around 63 gritting runs however this year they have already done 113 so far
  • The number of defects on the network due to this weather has increased three-fold to a peak of nearly 1,600 Category 1 defects in one month
  • The County Council has assured us that they are currently striving to keep up and deal with the number of potholes that are appearing daily. Given the overall condition of the network they have reverted to undertaking temporary repairs in order to address the defects quicker and keep the network safe
  • The County Council has reassured us that they are working hard to address the issue with the resources they have available. The RoadMaster velocity patching process is working in the Corby area and they are also seeking to allocate additional patching equipment to the Corby area as resources and budgets permit.


All potholes and road defects can be reported to Northamptonshire County Council via their Street Doctor form which can be found at www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/en/councilservices/Transport/roads/streetdoctor 


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