Play Area Strategy for Corby 2009-2019

The Corby Play Area Strategy is a 10 year plan to assist the Borough Council in its future management of existing play areas within the borough and the prioritisation development and redevelopment of Play Spaces. It supports the Corby Play Strategy concentrating more on the physical play assets that are the responsibility of the Borough Council.
The Play Area Strategy aims to:
  • Outline the current provision and ensure these are met within the strategy and identify what and where the gaps are
  • Examine current challenges and identify future opportunities
  • Consider how the Council, in partnership with the local community and partner agencies, can ensure total inclusion and improve existing provision
  • Prioritise future spending on play area improvement and development through an action plan. (See Chapter 8).
  • Ensure that any targets identified through the strategy are delivered in a clear, collaborative and inclusive manner.
  • Ensure a robust inspection process is viewed as an integral part in the delivery of this strategy.
  • Ensure the Borough of Corby demonstrates equality of accessibility across both the rural and urban areas.
  • Ensure that play space provision is built around the local needs of children and young people linking to the Every Child Matters 5 Outcomes.
Every Child Matters 2004 is a framework document which sets out the changes needed locally to help build the services around the local needs of children and young people to ensure that they are able to access services that are relevant to them and that their opportunities are maximised. The five outcomes for children
specified in Every Child Matters are:
1. Being Healthy
2. Staying Safe
3. Enjoying and Achieving
4. Making a positive contribution
5. Economic well being
This Strategy considers recent Government guidance for play sites and has provided the opportunity to the Council to re consider its approach to how sites are designed and developed in partnership with the local community. It has introduced challenges on how to include an element of risk on a play site and the benefits this brings to children. It is important to provide opportunities for children and young people to play in different ways using non-prescriptive equipment and to encourage creativity and imagination.
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