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Adopted Part 2 Local Plan for Corby


The Part 2 Local Plan for Corby was formally adopted at North Northamptonshire's Full Council Meeting on 29 September 2021. The Part 2 Local Plan is now formally part of the Development Plan for North Northamptonshire and supersedes the Corby Local Plan 1997. 

Where can you get further information?

Key Documents

The Part 2 Local Plan for Corby Adoption Statement is available here.

The Adopted Part 2 Local Plan for Corby is available here.

The Sustainability Appraisal Adoption Statement is available here.

Interactive Policies Map

The Policies Map for the Adopted Part 2 Local Plan for Corby is available in Appendix 5 of the Plan document or alternatively, please view the interactive Policies Map. Both versions of the policies map illustrate the policies in the adopted plan, including the non-strategic housing and employment allocations, various natural and heritage assets, and the settlement boundaries. 

Please note, the Indicative Neighbourhood GI Corridors and Indicative Local GI Corridors have been drawn at a set scale (1:42,500 at A3) as published in Appendix 4 of the Part 2 Local Plan document.  

The interactive policies map allows you to find out what policies apply within the Corby Area of North Northamptonshire.

Using the interactive map:

The map can be viewed on various devices. Once the webpage loads, you will be given the option to select the mobile friendly version if you are using a small screen or smartphone. 

• Select the information you wish to view by using the tick boxes in the ‘Layer List’ menu.

• Once you have selected the layers you wish to view, you can click on the site or allocation to find out more information for example, the site name or policy reference. 

• To search for an address, enter the address into the search bar ‘Find address or place’ and press the magnifying glass. 

• To zoom in and out of the map, you can use the plus or minus arrows. To go back to the default scale, you can click on the home icon. 

Please contact Planning Services on 01536 464158 or 01536 464167 if you have any questions. 


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