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Post Submission Documents

This page contains a list of documents that have emerged since the Part 2 Local Plan for Corby was submitted on 19 December 2019.

Ref Document (click on link to open) Date
PMS-S8 Correspondence from PINS on appointment of Planning Inspector 7 January 2020
EB-MON2a North Northamptonshire Authorities Monitoring Report (AMR) 2018/19 March 2020
EB-MON2b AMR 2018/19: Assessment of Housing Land Supply 2019-24 December 2019
JCS-SD4 North Northamptonshire Brownfield Land Register December 2019
EB-RT5 Response to Inspector's Initial Question 14 - Retail Capacity May 2020
PMS-S9 Local Development Scheme August 2020
CD-NA4 Kettering Site Specific Part 2 Local Plan - Submission Plan May 2020
CD-UK9 Housing Delivery Test: 2019 measurement February 2020
EB-HOU12 Draft Teignbridge Local Plan Part 1 (2020-2040) March 2020
EB-RT6 Report to One Corby Policy Committee - Towns Fund Accelerated Funding 11 August 2020


Further correspondence and additional Evidence Base Documents submitted during the Examination are available on the Examination Documents page..

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