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Main Modifications Consultation

Proposed Modifications to the Part 2 Local Plan for Corby

The council consulted on the Main Modifications to the Publication Draft (Pre-Submission) Part 2 Local Plan for Corby, and changes to the Policies Map that were submitted for examination on 19 December 2019. The Examination hearings took place online between 29 September and 1 October 2020.

Following the Examination hearing sessions, a number of changes are proposed to the previous ‘Publication Draft (Pre-Submission)’ version of the Local Plan which may be necessary to make the Plan sound. These are proposed without prejudice to the Inspector's final conclusions, which will take account of all representations submitted in response to this consultation. These changes are available for comment online and are identified in the examination library:

•  Schedule of proposed Main Modifications to the Publication Draft (Pre-Submission) Part 2 Local Plan for Corby (EXAM9A)

•  Policies Map Modifications – Changes proposed to the Policies Map (EXAM9B)

From 11 March 2021 an additional consultation document was been made available showing all the proposed changes to the Regulation 19 Policies Map and the consultation period extended to 22 April 2021 to ensure a minimum six-week period for comment.

•  Schedule of Proposed Further Modifications to the Polices Map (EXAM9I)

This consultation was only about the proposed Main Modifications and changes to the Policies Map. It wa not an opportunity to make comments on other aspects of the Plan or to re-state previous representations, as these have already been considered as part of the examination process.

Review of the Equality Impact Assessment, Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment was also carried out to assess the proposed modifications to the Plan.

•  Sustainability Appraisal Addendum (EXAM9D)

•  Habitats Regulations Assessment Addendum (EXAM9E)

•  Equality Impact Assessment (EXAM9F)

The consultation ran from Tuesday 9th February 2021 to 5pm on Thursday 22 April 2021.

Please be advised that any comments submitted to us will be passed to the planning inspector, and made public alongside your name, and if relevant the name of the organisation, body or person you are representing. No contact or other personal details will be published. For more information on how your information is stored and used, please see our Privacy Statement. Your contact details will only be used for Local Plan consultations and to inform you about the stages of this Local Plan process; and for the purposes of the Local Plan Examination.

For completeness, the Council has also published a Schedule of Additional Minor Modifications, which include minor corrections and changes which do not materially affect the soundness of the plan. These are not before the Inspector for consideration and are provided for information only.

•  Schedule of Proposed Additional Minor Modifications to the Publication Draft (Pre-Submission) Part 2 Local Plan for Corby (EXAM9C)

A track changes version of the Part 2 Local Plan for Corby has also been published so that the proposed modifications to the Plan can be seen within the context of the Publication Draft (Pre-Submission) Part 2 Local Plan for Corby. The track changes document is also made available for information purposes only and does not form part of the consultation.

•  Part 2 Local Plan Track Changes - Modifications (EXAM9G)

•  Part 2 Local Plan Appendices Track Changes – Modifications (EXAM9H)

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