Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership: Digital Transformation Programme

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 13:00

Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership: Digital Transformation Programme

Overview WaitLess App


About WaitLess

WaitLess is a free to download app which allows those with minor injuries to select a location that will get them faster access to a treatment facility locally. It is available for download now.

It draws on live feeds from Northampton and Kettering General Hospital A&E departments and the Corby Urgent Care Centre in Northamptonshire, displaying live information on the number of patients waiting, current waiting time for minor injuries and the combined travel and wait time for each facility. The App shows the opening times and description of each facility and removes any facilities that are closed, or that will close before a patient can get to them.


Most A&E attendances are from self-presenting patients attending A&E with conditions that are associated with minor injuries and ailments.  These could be cared for in other departments like minor injuries units, 111 or via their GP.

On days where there is significant pressure on A&Es, waiting times for treatment may also change. As waiting times increase in one facility, patients using the app are able to choose other locations with lower waiting times. This spreads activity more evenly across the system, giving pressurised A&Es much needed time to recover.

Launch Date

The Waitless app is fully tested and now live in the Google Play (Android) and (Apple) app Store. It is available for download now. We are planning to launch the WaitLess App in mid-January 2019.  Resources, including timelines for planned communications activity, an e-toolkit/marketing pack, poster and supporting FAQs, have been developed and will be made available to all partners and stakeholders including county communications leads for information, distribution and cascade. 

Key Messages


  • ‘WaitLess’ can help you to get treatment faster for minor injuries and illnesses that are not life threatening.
  • The App uses real-time waiting time data from urgent care centres across Northamptonshire, including both General Hospital A&E’s and the Corby Urgent Care Centre.
  • It allows you to make an informed choice for best place for you to get urgent care.
  • Search the App Store or Google Play for ‘WaitLess’ on your Smartphone to download the App for free, today.

All stakeholders delivering urgent care

  • ‘WaitLess’ aims to support a reduction in waiting times for urgent care by signposting people, with minor injuries and illnesses that are not life threatening, away from the busiest centres.
  • Activity is more evenly spread across the system, giving pressurised A&Es much needed time to dedicate their capacity to the care of patients with life threatening injuries and illnesses.

Information for patients (suggested messaging/web content)

The WaitLess App combines the current waiting times for both Kettering and Northampton General Hospitals and the Corby Urgent Care Centre.  The times, drawn from each Trust’s patient administration system combined with up-to-the-minute travel information, helps you to decide which care centre to travel to for faster treatment of minor injuries.

If you have a smartphone, you can download the WaitLess app free from the Apple App Store and Google Play now.

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