New sign aimed to slow things down in Corby’s villages

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Friday, February 2, 2018 - 14:45

Residents in the rural communities of Corby are looking to put the brakes on speeding as they install their latest tool aimed at slowing vehicles in their tracks.

A rural dedicated Temporary Vehicle Activated Sign unit has now been purchased, thanks to funding from Northamptonshire County Council and Corby Borough Council, to assist with tackling speeding in villages across Corby borough.  The unit will be one of a series of measures educating drivers about speed limits and encouraging responsible driving behaviour in and around local villages.

The unit was purchased courtesy of NCC Empowerment Fund, with additional match funding being contributed by Corby Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Management Team.  It will be part of a borough wide scheme operated by Corby Borough Council to reduce speeding in identified hotspot areas, alongside Police led speed gun operations.

CBC Lead member for Neighbourhood Services Cllr Bob Eyles said:

‘Speeding is a consistent local priority across the rural areas and is an issue that can have a detrimental effect on people’s quality of life in terms of feeling safe in their own communities. Discussions were held between the Borough Council, Neighbourhood Policing and Northamptonshire County Council to purchase a unit for the sole use of the rural areas only and we are very pleased to see this now being put in place.’

PC Mark Walker from the Rural Policing Team said:

‘Speeding is a locally identified priority in our rural areas and we welcome any initiative which helps to tackle speeding issues. The use of these devices helps to remind road users of their speed.’

Cllr Sandra Naden-Horley from NCC said:

‘Since being elected to represent the residents of Corby Rural on Northamptonshire County Council  I have worked very closely with Corby Borough Council’s Rural Pride Officer, Parish Councils and the police to stop drivers speeding through our villages. To be able to utilise a proportion of my Empowerment Fund towards a TVAS to help keep our residents now and in the future safe, has been a pleasure.’

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