Little Stanion Parish Council celebrates its first birthday

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019 - 09:45

It might be Little Stanion’s first year with its own Parish Council but a great deal has been achieved in that time.  The village, south-east of Corby was previously part of Stanion parish with its neighbouring village, located on the other side of the A43.                                                                 

In April of last year, after a consultation with residents Corby Borough Council agreed that Little Stanion should have its own Parish Council and five Councillors were appointed uncontested (i.e. without the need for an election).

The new Council set about re-thinking the way it wanted to provide its residents with the support they deserved now that it did not have to compete with Stanion for resources.  Its first initiative was to create three committees in order to give focus to its activities. A Resources Committee to manage the finances; a Planning Committee to oversee any planning applications affecting the village, and a Communications Committee to steer every aspect of connection with the residents.                                             

Within a few weeks a new website had been launched containing a large amount of useful information. Then came the erection of a new village sign depicting life in Little Stanion, its school and its environment; and deer warning signs on Longcroft Road as vehicles enter and leave the village.                                                                  

More hard work followed as Councillors set about devising a two-year plan. First three overall aims were agreed, followed by the tactics and activities needed to achieve them. The Council now knows exactly what it wants to achieve over the next two years. Its three main aims are:

            1. To make Little Stanion a desirable and safe place to live and work

            2. Improve the profile of the Parish Council

            3. Recognise the contribution of others and work closely with them

That wasn’t the end of the story.  The Little Stanion Village Association had been active for several years acting as a voice for the village but it was quickly realised that a joining of forces made a lot of sense, so with the blessing of the residents at the LSVA’s AGM, the Village Association became the fourth Committee of the Parish Council and is now known as the Little Stanion Village Committee.

The final chapter in this first year was when the Council was able to say that it has its full complement of nine Councillors. The Little Stanion Parish Council is well and truly up and running now and heading in a positive direction.


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