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Statement of Community Involvement

The North Northamptonshire Joint Planning & Delivery Unit (NNJPDU) has prepared a revised Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) 2019 to meet the requirements of national planning regulations including that SCI’s are kept up-to-date. The SCI sets out how the NNJPDU and the former partner local planning authorities (LPAs) of Corby, Kettering, East Northamptonshire and Wellingborough would consult people in the preparation of plans and planning applications and also sets out the advice and assistance that the LPAs will provide to communities preparing neighbourhood plans or neighbourhood development orders.

The North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Committee (NNJPC) adopted the revised SCI on Thursday 25th July in relation to jointly prepared documents. The former Corby Borough Council adopted the SCI on 21st August 2019 in relation to its responsibilities.


Last updated: Wednesday 5th May 2021 01:22:47 PM
Review date: Saturday 30th April 2022 01:21:28 PM