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Regulation 18 consultation – List of Respondents

Below is a list of all the respondents to the consultation. These are indexed by organisation. Where multiple responses have been received or sites promoted these are listed under the respondent. Simply click the view link to view the responses and associated documents.


User ID Name  
LP0001 Northamptonshire County Council - Flood and Water Manager View
LP0002 National Farmers Union View
LP0003 McCarthy & Stone View
LP0004 Highways England View
LP0005 Gretton Parish Council View
LP0006 Buccleuch Property - Corby South East View
  Buccleuch Property - Corby South East Location Plan View
LP0007 JME Civils Limited View
LP0008 Call for sites - Land off Kirby Road, Gretton View
  Land off Kirby Road, Gretton - Location Plan View
LP0009 National Grid View
LP0010 Natural England View
LP0011 Rentplus View
  Rentplus Affordable Housing Statement View
LP0012 Sport England View
LP0013 Middleton Parish Council View
LP0014 Call for sites - Corby Road, Gretton View
LP0015 Anglian Water View
LP0016 Homes and Communities Agency - Land at Station Road, Corby View
LP0017 Priors Hall Park View
LP0018 Theatres Trust View
LP0019 Homes and Communities Agency - Pen Green View
LP0020 Great Oakley Farms - South of Harpers Brook, Great Oakley View
LP0021 Cottingham Parish Council View
LP0022 Home Builders Federation View
LP0023 Northamptonshire County Council - Highways View
LP0024 Persimmon Homes View
LP0025 Sovereign Centros View
LP0026 Call for sites - Land off Windmill Close, Cottingham View
  Land off Windmill Close, Cottingham - Location Plan View
LP0027 Call for sites - Brookfield Plantation View
  Brookfield Plantation - Location Plan View
LP0028 East Carlton Parish Council View
LP0029 Tata Steel (UK) Limited View
  Tata Steel - Glebe Farm, Church Street, Weldon View
  Glebe Farm, Church Street, Weldon - Location Plan View
  Tata Steel - Long Croft Road View
  Long Croft Road - Aerial Photo View
  Long Croft Road - Design View
  Tata Steel - North of Brigstock Road, Stanion View
  North of Brigstock Road, Stanion - Site Plan View
LP0030 AWG Landgoldings Ltd - East of Corby Water Recycling Centre View
  East of Corby Water Recycling Centre - Site Plan View
LP0031 Historic England View
LP0032 HCA - Magistrates Court View
  Magistrates Court - Site Plan View
LP0033 Northamptonshire County Council - Public Health Team View
LP0034 Orbit Homes - Former Our Lady Pope John School View
LP0035 Gladman Developments Limited - Land at Southfield Road, Gretton View
LP0036 The Wildlife Trust View
LP0037 Local Resident View
LP0038 GP Planning View
LP0039 Northamptonshire County Council - Principal Project Officer View
LP0040 The Woodland Trust View
LP0041 Northamptonshire County Council - County Archaeological Advisor View
LP0042 Weldon Manor Estates - Land at Church Street, Weldon View
LP0043 North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit View
LP0044 BPA Pipelines View
LP0045 Mather Jamie Limited - Land at Weldon Park View
  Land at Weldon Park - Site Plan View
LP0046 Evolution Town Planning - Land between Ashley Road and Clover Court, Middleton (late response) View
LP0047 Environment Agency (late response) View


Last updated: Friday 16th April 2021 10:50:19 AM