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Part 2 Local Plan for Corby

Adopted Part 2 Local Plan for Corby

The Part 2 Local Plan for Corby was formally adopted at North Northamptonshire's Full Council Meeting on 29 September 2021. The Plan and supporting documents are available here.

Examination into the Part 2 Local Plan for Corby 2011-2031

In accordance with Regulation 22 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (As Amended) the former Corby Borough Council submitted the Part 2 Local Plan for Corby 2011-2031 to the Secretary of State on 19th December 2019 for examination by a Planning Inspector.

The Inspector's task is to consider the soundness of the submitted Plan. The Inspector will also consider whether the Part 2 Local Plan meets the requisite legal and procedural requirements. In order to do so, the Inspector will assess the Part 2 Local Plan, the evidence base on which it was created, as well as all of the representations submitted during the public consultations.

All the relevant information regarding the examination process can be accessed from the Council's Local Plan Examination landing page which can be found at: https://www.corby.gov.uk/home/planning-and-building-control/planning-policy/plan-making/local-plan-examination


Part 2 Local Plan for Corby

The former Corby Borough Council prepared the Part 2 Local Plan for Corby which follows on from and supports the Part 1 North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy. It will set out the non-strategic development allocations and a number of detailed policies to manage development in line with the vision, strategy and strategic policies of the Joint Core Strategy. This work is ongoing through North Northamptonshire Council.

Publication Draft (Pre-Submission) - Regulation 19

The consultation on the Part 2 Local Plan and its accompanying Sustainability Appraisal report and Habitats Regulations Assessment was open from Monday 5 August until 5pm on Monday 16 September 2019.

Comments received have assisted the independent Planning Inspector, on behalf of the Secretary of State, in determining whether or not the Part 2 Local Plan is sound, legally complaint and fulfills the Duty to Co-operate.

The following documents were required to be published at this stage under Regulation 19 of the 2012 Local Planning (England) Regulations:

  1. View the Publication Draft (Pre-Submission) and Erratum
  2. View Appendix 1 – Housing Site Schedule
  3. View Appendix 2 – List of Designated Sites
  4. View Appendix 3 – Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations
  5. View Appendix 4 – Green Infrastructure Network
  6. View Appendix 5 – Policies Maps
  7. View the Sustainability Appraisal Report (plus non-technical summary) and Habitat Regulations Assessment
  8. View the Local Plan Equalities Impact Questionnaire
  9. View the Statement of Consultation
  10. View the Notice of Local Plan Publication

The above documentation were also made available for public inspection during normal office hours the following locations:

  • Corby Cube, Parkland Gateway, George Street, Corby NN17 1QG
  • Corby Library
  • Danesholme Library

Library opening times and addresses can be found on Northamptonshire County Council’s website at www.northamptonshire.gov.uk

The Council has also prepared a Statement of Compliance with the Duty to Cooperate

Other evidence studies and technical reports can be found on the evidence page of the plan making webpages at the following link:

Evidence Base

Responses to the consultation can be viewed at the Regulation 19 consultation - List of Respondents page

Privacy Statement:

Corby Borough Council is the data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 and other regulations including the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).  To provide this service, we will process your comment, name, email address and address. We are collecting this data because it is in the public interest to process this. Your name and comment may be made public as it will form part of the evidence base used to inform the creation of planning policy documents.  The above purposes may require disclosure of any data received in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000. We will use this information to assist in plan making and to contact you regarding the planning consultation process. We will hold this information for five years and we will contact you to see if you wish to be contacted as part of other planning consultations before this period expires.

Emerging Draft Options Consultation – Regulation 18

Consultation on the Part 2 Local Plan for Corby – Emerging Draft Options took place between 2 July and 28 August 2018.

Comments were invited on the following documents:

Supporting evidence and guidance included the following documents:

Further supporting evidence base documents were available on the North Northamptonshire Joint Planning and Delivery Unit website at http://www.nnjpdu.org.uk/ or our evidence base pages at https://www.corby.gov.uk/home/planning-and-building-control/planning-policy/plan-making/evidence-base

Please note that an Errata Sheet is available which shows any errors that have been noticed since the consultation documents were published.


Scoping Consultation incorporating Issues and Options - Regulation 18

The Regulation 18 scoping consultation was the first formal stage in the production of the Part 2 Local Plan for Corby. Consultation was undertaken between 7th November and 20th December 2016.  At this stage of the process, the Council primarily sought representations about what the plan ought to contain. Research and evidence, including previous consultations over the past few years, was used to identify a number of policy options within the consultation document, which views were sought.

The consultation documents included the following:

Part 2 Local Plan for Corby: Scoping Consultation incorporating Issues and Options

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

Review of Boundaries in Corby Town Centre

Site Selection Methodology Background Paper

Call for Sites Submission Form

Responses to the consultation can be viewed at the Regulation 18 consultation - List of Respondents page

Previous stages of consultation and background work includes the following: 

Site Specific Allocations DPD: Proposed Alternatives (September 2009)

Appropriate Assessment (November 2007)

Kingswood Area Action Plan (February 2007)

Site Specific Proposals DPD: Preferred Options (May 2006)

Town Centre Area Action Plan (May 2006)

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (February 2006)

Issues and Options document (September 2005)



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