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Evidence Base

This evidence base page was continually updated as work was produced in support of the Part 2 Local Plan for Corby and remains as an archive. The full evidence base has also been made available on a topic by topic basis on the Local Plan Examination pages - 'Evidence Base Documents'.


The following documents provide a local evidence base on the key social, economic and environmental characteristics and issues that help to inform the preparation of planning policy.

Corby Borough Council Five Year Housing Land Supply, November 2019

Corby Part 2 Local Plan Financial Viability Assessment, July 2019

Town Centres and Town Centre Uses Background Paper, June 2019

Evidence to Support new Secondary School in Corby

Site Selection Methodology Background Paper, June 2019

Corby Town Centre Parking Study, May 2019

North Northamptonshire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (GTAA) 

Custom and Self Build Housing: Demand Assessment Framework

This report provides information to assist Corby Council in planning for custom and self-build housing, responding to national legislation, policy and guidance, in the context of local demand.

Assessment of Retail Network & Hierarchy (final report)

Employment Land Review

The Employment Land Review (ELR) is an assessment of the employment and economic environment of Corby and the demand for and supply of employment land for the period 2011 to 2031.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

The SFRA assesses the risk from flooding from all sources, now and in the future, taking account of the impacts of climate change, and to assess the impact that land use changes and development in the area will have on flood risk.

Rural Housing Needs Surveys

The Surveys provide a robust assessment of housing need and demand across all tenures in each of the rural communities, and offer invaluable evidence for housing and planning to address local needs.

Playing Pitch Strategy

The playing pitch strategy and action plan help to assess the demand and supply of sports facilities within the Borough

Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study

The Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study provides evidence of publically accessible open space, sport and recreational facilities in the Borough in the context of current and future demand.

Report of consultation

Assessment of Retail Network & Hierarchy (draft report)

Study of Housing and Support Needs of Older People across Northamptonshire

Review of Boundaries in Corby Town Centre

Site Selection Methodology Background Paper, June 2018

Vision and Outcomes Background Paper

This background paper provides detail on how the vision and outcomes for the Part 2 Local Plan were developed.

Local Retail Impact Threshold

This background paper builds upon the representations received at the previous Local Plan consultation and further evidence to evaluate options for applying mimimum scale thresholds for retail impact assessment.

Local Green Space Designation Technical Guidance Note

Sustainability Appraisal Interim Scoping Report

Habitats Regulations Assessment

Welland Valley Route Feasibility Study (2014)

Local Framework Study for Corby

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