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Plan Making

All local planning authorities are required to produce a Local Plan with the aim of providing a more flexible planning system that adapts to changing priorities and which seeks to secure sustainable development.

The Local Plan is a key document that sets out the priorities and policies for development in a certain area. It will guide new developments to appropriate locations, while protecting our natural environment and built heritage.

The Local Plan is shaped by the National Planning Policy Framework - the top tier of planning policy. The Framework provides guidance to local authorities and other agencies on planning policy and the operation of the planning system. It covers issues such as housing, green belts, economic growth, heritage, sustainable development, biodiversity, transport, waste management and open space, sport and recreation.

The Local Plan for the Corby area is made up of the following documents:

The Plan will be accompanied by a separate Gypsy and Traveller Allocations Plan on which work has commenced. Further information can be found here.

In addition a number of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) which add further detail to the policies in the Local Plan have been produced. These provide further guidance for development and maintenance of Conservation areas in the Corby area and on particular issues, such as design.

Details of the Local Development Scheme (LDS), which defines the documents that will form the Local Plan and sets out a timetable for their production, are outlined here.

Neighbourhood Plans allow local communities to develop policies that, subject to an independent examination and community referendum, will become part of the Development Plan for land uses in their local area. Further information on neighbourhood planning in the Corby area is available.

Residents in the Corby area may register their interest in custom and self-build housing projects that may become available in the future by following this link.

An annual Brownfield Land Register is published across North Northamptonshire. This provides up-to-date and consistent information on sites that are appropriate for residential development having regard to the criteria set out in regulation 4 of the Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017. The Local Planning Authority will grant of permission in principle for residential development for sites on the register where required procedures are followed. The latest Brownfield Land Register covering the Corby area can be found here

For the authority's planning monitoring report, please follow this link - Authorities Monitoring Report

For the latest five-year housing land supply assessment, please follow this link.



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