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Corby Borough Conservation Areas

A Conservation Area is "an area of special architectural or historic interest the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance". The main purpose of creating a Conservation Area is to preserve or enhance this character or appearance through planning and other environmental measures. These include controlling the demolition of buildings and paying special attention to building design and quality issues when determining planning applications that affect Conservation Areas. Corby has 9 designated Conservation Areas.

  • Cottingham & Middleton
  • East Carlton
  • Great Oakley
  • Gretton
  • Lloyds, Corby
  • Old Village, Corby
  • Rockingham
  • Stanion
  • Weldon

Since 2006 the Council have been reviewing existing and designating new Conservation Areas in line with English Heritage Guidance. Conservation Area Appraisals and Management plans have been completed for all 9 Conservation Areas listed above. These are available to download on this page.

Details regarding living in a Conservation Area here.

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