Pre-Application Advice

Pre-application planning advice


Corby Borough Council encourages prospective developers to discuss their proposals with a planning officer prior to submission of an application.

Pre-application discussions can help to;-

  • Ensure that all relevant information is submitted with an application to allow early validation and avoid delays (see also Validation Requirements Document).
  • Make the applicant aware of relevant planning policies and how they may apply to the proposed development.
  • Provide contact details with all other organisations which may be involved in the planning process.
  • Highlight proposals which are likely to be unacceptable to the local planning authority.
  • Advise on likely S106 Heads of terms.

    Whilst the local planning authority may undertake consultations with other organisations during the pre-application process, it is expected that developers would seek their own technical or expert advice and contact directly relevant consultees.

    Whilst our aim is to offer good and consistent advice on proposed development, the pre-application process does not constitute the formal decision of the Council. Accordingly advice would be given without prejudice to any formal consideration of a subsequent planning application.


Last updated: Wednesday 11th October 2017 09:20:58 AM
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