Junior Leisure Membership


For only £12 per month you receive the following:

  • Leisure Swimming Sessions - normal admission policy applies.
  • Supervised Diving Sessions - booking advised, must be able to swim 25m.
  • Football on the Astro Turf - at Lodge Park Sports Centre or West Glebe Park.
  • Teen Fitness - for 12 to 15 year olds, induction required, booking is required.
  • Badminton - at Lodge Park Sports Centre or Hazelwood Neighbourhood Centre.
  • Tennis - at Lodge Park Sports Centre.
  • Table Tennis - at Lodge Park Sports Centre, West Glebe or Hazelwood Neighbourhood Centre.
  • NRG Disability Sports Club - at Lodge Park Sports Centre.
  • Cheerleading - at Lodge Park Sports Centre, booking is required.
  • Happenin Football Session - at Lodge Park Sports Centre.

Junior Leisure Membership Direct Debit payment will be taken on the 1st of every month.  (An initial part payment may be required to cover part of any month.)  All normal admission policies apply to swimming / diving / teen fitness sessions.

Receive a FREE 1 year loyalty card.  Only one month minimum sign up period (Direct Debit only).

Useful contact telephone numbers:

  • Lodge Park Sports Centre: 01536 400033
  • Corby International Pool: 01536 464643
  • West Glebe Pavilion: 01536 204217
  • Hazelwood Neighbourhood Centre: 01536 443171

For Terms & Conditions click here

Visit: www.corby.gov.uk/leisureandculture for more information.

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