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Weldon Woodland Park

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Weldon or should we say the two Weldon’s was for centuries divided into two sections, ‘Great Weldon’ and ‘Little Weldon’, both of which had Norman manor houses. Weldon Woodland Park is a 51.7 hectare site east of Weldon in Northamptonshire. Here you will find an established park, which has undergone a heavy planting programme that will become a haven for wildlife in years to come. The park includes grassland walks and the following:

  • Grassland walks,
  • Adult fitness trail,
  • Bmx track,
  • Half pipe skateboard unit,
  • Junior football pitch,
  • Basketball court,
  • 2 children's play areas.

Weldon stone is a famous buff or honey coloured sedimentary limestone. Famous uses include several buildings within Oxford University.  Basil Champneys used Weldon stone for the ashlar walls of his St Albans Quadrangle (1904-7) and The Wardens House (1908) at Merton College. Also, at his Rhodes building at Oriel College, (1911). Here we have workers quarrying the stone from the actual site of the quarries where the Weldon Woodland Park now stands. (Include Quarrying photo?)

Would you like to volunteer?  Volunteering is an extremely rewarding experience with many social benefits and for dedicated volunteers we are able to provide free training opportunities through the Corby Woodland Project.

Please contact cultureleisure@northnorthants.gov.uk for further information.

Kettering Road, Weldon, NN17 3JG.



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