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Kingswood Local Nature Reserve

Kingswood Local Nature Reserve is situated in the south west of Corby, close to Danesholme, Kingswood and Beanfield. It is a semi-natural ancient woodland site and a fantastic place for wildlife and for people to enjoy.

Kingswood is owned by Corby Borough Council and managed by The Wildlife Trust. The Wildlife Trust is a nature conservation charity that owns and manages nature reserves for the benefit of both people and wildlife.

Are you interested in volunteering?  For more information click here and a member of our team will contact you.

August 2020 - 

Following the discovery of Phaeolus Schweinutzii on the base of several trees within Kingswood LNR, work was approved by the CBC Tree Officer to fell one of the Douglas Firs in Kingswood LNR. The tree work was carried out earlier in the year and an independent tree report was conducted by Brampton Valley Training to determine the level of decay on both the felled stump and the additional trees displaying signs of the fungus through a visual inspection.

The report recommended that further resistograph and tomograph tests be completed to provide accurate internal readings on the structural integrity of all trees. This was carried out by independent specialist, Dan MacIntyre, a Certified Tree Risk Assessor (TRAQ, International Society of Arboriculture - ISA).  As the Detailed Tree Investigation Report provides a more accurate account, we intend to follow the recommendations highlighted within this report as follows:



1)       Douglas Fir – Tagged 758

No works required but continue to assess annually, particularly during fungal fructification season.

2)       Douglas Fir – Tagged 759

Reduced to around 15 m height, just above kinked stem within 12 months.

3)       Himalayan Pine – Tagged 760

No works required - Assess annually, during fungal fructification season.

4)       Pine to North west of T758

No works required

The works to T759 will be carried out in the winter season by March 2021.

Please view reports for your information.  MacIntyre Trees Investigation Report - August 2020  BramptonValley Tree Condition Report - August 2020


Kingswood LNR once formed part of the medieval Rockingham Forest which stretched from Kettering to Peterborough. As part of Rockingham Forest, Kingswood was managed for centuries as a crown coppice, providing shelter for the King’s deer, as well as a regular supply of timber. Much of Rockingham Forest disappeared over time but as Kingswood was valued as a game preserve it survived and later, as the town of Corby expanded, it became Northamptonshire’s first Local Nature Reserve.


Kingswood is now an important urban home for all kinds of plants and animals and is a great place for spotting wildlife! Over 250 different species of plants have been recorded at the reserve, including many that are characteristic of ancient woodlands such as wood anemone, dog’s mercury, enchanter’s-nightshade, yellow archangel and wood sorrel. Tawny owl, treecreeper and all three species of woodpecker can be found at Kingswood, as well as a wide variety of other birds, and the reserve is also a fantastic site for a large number of different invertebrates including many different types of butterflies, dragonflies/damselflies and beetles.


The Wildlife Trust is currently doing lots of exciting work at Kingswood to make it as welcoming and accessible for visitors as possible. There will be onsite improvements to signage and interpretation as well as lots of opportunities to get involved and find out more about the reserve through organised events, activities and volunteering.

To find out more about Kingswood, upcoming events and activities and about The Wildlife Trust in general please visit www.wildlifebcn.org email northamptonshire@wildlifebcn.org  or phone 01604 405285.

For further information regarding Friends of Group within the Borough and to view the booklet which contains dates for all working parties and group meetings click here

There is a 'Friends of Kingswood Group' who hold regular working parties in the wood.  Membership is open to anyone who cares to join, the above link provides the contact details for anyone wishing to join up. 

The Wildlife Trust BCN now runs a fortnightly walking group at Kingswood Local Nature Reserve.  Come and join us to explore this beautiful reserve in Corby, Northamptonshire.  Experience the benefits of spending time outside and make some new friends along the way.  We meet at Kingswood Neighbourhood Centre cafe at 10.30am every other Tuesday.  From here we will set out on an informal walk of approximately 45mins taking in the woods, grassland and ponds of Kingswood.  There is always something new to see here, from spring flowers to small birds and fungi.  The Kingswood walk is a great way of socialising, meeting new people, spotting wildlife.... and getting a bit of exercise too!  Everyone is welcome to attend, but sturdy shoes are advised as some paths may be muddy or uneven.  After the walk the group will return to the Kingswood Neighbourhood Centre cafe where refreshments are available to purchase.  For more information and current dates visit www.wildlifebcn.org/whats-on
We would like to run this walk on a weekly basis but currently don't have enough volunteer leaders.  If this is something you might be interested in please visit www.wildlifebcn.org/jobs for more information or contact the Northampton Office on 01604 405285 northamptonshire@wildlifebcn.org
Kingswood Neighbourhood Centre Cafe
Alberta Close
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