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Coronation Park

The Borough of Corby covers an area of approximately 80 square kilometres and is situated in the heart of England. It is characterised by beautiful countryside, green open spaces, ancient woodland and wide grass verges. The current estimates put the population at just over 73,800 (Office for National Statistics, 2019).

The main body of Coronation park forms a triangle bound by Cottingham Road, Richmond Road and Elizabeth Street being located less than 100m from Willow Place & Corby Town Shopping Centre, The East Midlands International Swimming Pool and The Cube (the civic hub of Corby). The park links the historic Lloyds Estate, which was built during the boom years of Corby’s steel industry to house the thousands of migrant workers who flocked to the town during the 1930s and 40s; with the town centre destination hub a feature since the early 1950s.

The park is accessible and free for all to use; being divided into number of distinguishable areas of varied use:

  1. Formal Memorial Garden with Rose Arbour
  2. Decked Performance Area
  3. Amenity Grassed Picnic Area
  4. Semi Wooded Area
  5. Pavilion and Multi Use Community Area
  6. Sensory Garden

A feature of the Park is the range of mature trees which not only provide shade and a home for a variety of fauna, they also break up the landscape and provide sight lines and focal points.  The decked performance area, which is mainly used in the summer months, complements the tree planting to preserve an air of timelessness and quiet dignity which gives the Park a special character and sets it apart from the other parks in the town.

New lighting, using low energy bulbs, has been installed alongside the main footpath through the park, paying homage to the original lights which were located on site; during the summer months each column has hanging baskets adding vibrant colour and scents to compliment the barrier planters located at the main entrances to the park. The wide verges parallel to the Cottingham Road entrance have flower beds for both summer and winter schemes, complimented by the arrangements within the memorial garden, adding further hints of lavender and fragrant roses.

The sensory garden, restored and recreated by the Friends of Coronation Park using a £50,000 grant from the Big Lottery and ITN, is available for the use and enjoyment of visitors to the park.

Signage depicting elements of the park’s history and various uses are located at the strategic entrance points from Cottingham Road and Elizabeth Street, offering an insight to the park’s importance to the town.

Limited parking is available on site, accessed via Richmond Road, however; ample parking is located less than 100m from the main entrance for large events or travelling visitors.

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