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Outdoor Learning

The Woodland Management Plan seeks to provide high quality opportunities for both formal and adventure play within the woods, to encourage children and young people to engage with and develop a sense of enjoyment of the woods at an early age. Funding is currently being sought to provide an annual woodland programme of high quality outdoor learning opportunities for children, young people and their families.

Corby Borough Council’s woods will be managed to provide a valuable educational resource for people in Corby of all ages to foster a deep sense of understanding, ownership and familiarity with their local woods.
There are 26 primary and secondary schools within Corby, 17 of which are engaged in the successful Corby Forest School initiative. Forest school is an inspirational process that offers children regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in a woodland environment.
Currently, the 17 schools have the opportunity to visit a woodland site on a regular basis throughout the year, regardless of the weather. Each session is led by a qualified Forest School Leader and is based on the skills and needs of the group. Traditionally Hazel and Thoroughsale woods have been in an unsuitable condition for Forest School use, however, since the deep clean operation, 2 primary schools have begun to use the woodland and it is anticipated that, over the next 3 years, 80% of the Forest School groups will regularly deliver sessions within Hazel and Thoroughsale Woods.
Hazel and Thoroughsale Woods provides a hierarchy of safe and attractive primary, secondary and tertiary routes through the woods, with primary and secondary routes providing access for people of all abilities.
The Woodland Management Plan has ensured unrestricted public access across the majority of the woods, with the exception of discrete areas of key ecological value or educational sites. Woodland Management Plan funding has also ensured key woodland entrances provide a welcoming appearance and draw people into the site. Finally, the introduction of signage and interpretation boards will allow visitors to move freely around the whole of the woods.
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