Corporate Business Opportunities

The Corby Woodland Project Team is able to provide training within our beautiful ancient woodland of Hazel and Thoroughsale for up to 40 members of staff. Choose from a range of training opportunities that will inspire and motivate your team or alternatively we can work with you to provide a bespoke opportunity tailored to your needs. If you are seeking to build a stronger, more focused staff team then please read our sample of team building challenges below:
  • Coppicing Workshop - Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management that has been practices for over 1000 years to regenerate woodland and provide fuel for many crafts. This ½ day workshop will provide hands on coppicing experience using several types of hand tools.
  • A ‘round-robin’ of outdoor team building exercises - Scattered around our beautiful ancient woodland, this ½ or full day course improves teambuilding and leadership skills in all participants. Teams are encouraged to work together to navigate their way between each task.
  • An outdoor team journey involving activities and challenges interspersed with al fresco camp fire cooking. Typically lasting for one day, we design tasks and activities that interweave so that sub-teams meet, collaborate and re-divide, throughout the day.
Contact details and pricing structure: Please note that before writing a training programme, we will talk with you about your intended outcomes so that our offer is pertinent, focused and offers excellent value.
To discuss your requirements further, please contact Rebecca Bishop on 01536 464019 or email  or click on the link below for the booking form.
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