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Play has an important role in the development of children’s social and physical skills, it helps them to develop as individuals and gives the foundation for confidence and self esteem which can affect their relationships with other people for the rest of their lives.

Corby Borough Council therefore believes that every child needs opportunities to play and has the aim of increasing the quantity, and enhancing the quality, of children’s play opportunities in the borough of Corby.

The purpose of the Culture & Leisure Team is to work towards the council’s aim by directly delivering play areas and to support other organisations to provide play opportunities in their communities
We Have:

39 play areas across the Corby borough ranging from smaller playgrounds aimed at serving local communities to large destination playgrounds that serve a large population.

Young People Facilities 
Provide Ten Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA’s), Four Futsal`s (mini football), two Group Swings, six BMX Tracks and five Youth Shelters in the Borough of Corby that have hard surfaces and rebound fencing suitable for informal football, netball and basketball.

 The ten MUGA’s are located at:

  • Weldon Woodland Park
  • Danesholme Shopping Area (outside Talisman pub)
  • Butland Road (Oakley Vale)
  • West Glebe Park (Cottingham Road)
  • Ennerdale Park (Ennerdale Road)
  • Shetland Play Area (Shetland Way)
  • Autumn Centre (Counts Farm Road)
  • Hazelwood Neighbourhood Centre (Gainsborough Road)
  • Kingswood Neighbourhood Centre (Off Alberta Close)
  • Beck’s Green (Seaford Walk)

The skate areas are located at:

  • Weldon woodland Park (Half Pipe)
  • Stanion Play area (quarter pipe and jump box)
  • Kingswood Neighbourhood Centre
  • West Glebe Play area (Large skate park)

The BMX Tracks are located at:

  • Autumn Centre (Counts Farm Road)
  • Weldon Woodland Park
  • Kingswood Neighbourhood Centre (Off Alberta Close)
  • Kirby Road (Gretton)
  • West Glebe Park (Cottingham road)
  • Hazelwood Neighbourhood Centre

The Futsal Courts are located at:

  • Studfall Play Area (Studfall Ave)
  • Stanion Play area
  • Berry Field Road (Cottingham)
  • Burghley Drive

The Youth Shelters are located at:

  • Burghley Drive
  • Weldon Woodland Park
  • Kingswood Neighbourhood Centre (Off Alberta Close)
  • Charted Field x2 (The Jamb)
  • Shetland Play Area (Shetland Way)
  • Hazelwood Neighbourhood Centre

The Group Swings are located at:

  • Weldon Woodland Park
  • West Glebe Park (Cottingham road)
  • Lyvden Way

Playground Inspection Services

The inspection of playgrounds forms an essential part of any management system. An effective inspection system will identify any faults with the playground and these can then be repaired, ensuring the playground is safe to use by customers. The council has four different types of inspection.

  • Routine (Weekly) Visual Playground Inspection (in house).
    This inspection will be done on a weekly basis by our in-house staff, which would include:
     Equipment inspection and reporting any damage, safer surfacing inspection and removal of litter and glass.
  • Monthly Inspections (every month). 
    This inspection will be done by Council qualified staff and this will consist of a more in-depth check such as checking condition of nuts and bolts and reporting any damage.
  • Annual (Zurich Insurance Service)
    This inspection is undertaken by our insurance company, which is a detailed inspection, reporting any damage.

Post Installation Inspections
This service provides an independent inspection of newly built playgrounds and checks they have been built to an acceptable standard. An inspection report is produced and can be used as evidence if you need to get a contractor back to site and fix faulty installation work.

Ensuring playgrounds are well managed is an important part of enhancing their quality.
Our in-house staff has completed a number of training courses to achieve a ROSPA & RPii Certification on “Safe Playground Inspections”.

Free Consultancy Service - Enabling Playground & Youth Facility Projects
This is a free service that not for profit organisations can access if they are planning to regenerate their existing playground/youth facilities, or if they are planning to build a new facility from scratch. This is a comprehensive service that starts at expression of interest stage and can continue until the facility is operational and in use. Some of the individual aspects of this service we offer include:

  • Guidance on Project Management
  • Funding Advice
  • Procurement Advice
  • Guidance on Consultation
  • Design Advice
  • Post Build Management Advice
  • Adoption by local authority on completion (providing minimum standards are met)
  • Maintained and inspected by local authority once handover has been made.

Contacting the Culture and Leisure Service Area

We welcome feedback from all residents, service users and partner organisations.
Please contact us

  • if:you would like to make a suggestion for how we can provide a better service
  • you have been pleased with the service provided and wish to compliment us
  • we have not adequately provided a service to the standard set out above and you wish to make a complaint.
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