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Women & Girls Golf Week!!

In support of Women & Girls Golf week we asked our Lady Captain here at Priors Hall Golf Course to share her story on why she got into golf.

A fascinating read on how Christine Cran first took up golf and how things have change for her since then.

"I did not think of golf as something that would interest me, although I was very much involved in school sport activities.
In my mid 40's I was forced into a career change, this gave me more time on my hands for a while and I decided I would walk round the golf course and maybe see what was involved. I had a few swings with the club and was hooked immediately.

I thoroughly enjoyed the personal challenge, the companionship and team spirit with other ladies. To start with I was in awe at how good these ladies were. I was determined that I would practice and play as much as I could to get to the best level I could be.

That was 20 years ago, nothing has changed. I am now playing off 18 handicap and I am the Ladies Captain for the year. I am retired now and can spend as much time as I like playing golf, both friendly and competitively. My only regret with golf is that I did not discover it earlier.

It is always said by golfers that a bad day on the golf course is still better than a good day at the office. I would advise anyone to try golf, you have nothing to lose."

Thanks Chris

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