Swim/Diving Lesson Home Portal

Swimming Wizards Swimming and Diving lesson programmes are now live with Home Portal.

This web based system enables you to monitor the progress of your child’s swimming or diving lesson.


Benefits of Home Portal:

• Learn2 & Home Portal is an ASA-endorsed course management tool.
• Allows parents/ guardians greater visibility of their child/ren's progress.
• If you have more than one child in swimming or diving lessons you can view/manage their lessons from a single login.
• Cash Payers will display the number of weeks remaining before top up is due. Email reminders are sent during the last 3 lessons of the current payment block.
• Automated emails are sent when a child is ready to move up.


Once your child has been enrolled into a lesson an activation email will be sent to your email address.

This will ask you to register your child/ren and ask for details such as date of birth and postcode.

Once you have registered this will open the webpage and allow you to view your child/ren’s progress.

If you have more than one child in lessons this will then enable you to add an additional page so you can view all children’s progress via the same web page.




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