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Diving Levels at Corby

Children’s lessons (6 – 11 years)  Monday, Tuesdays, Saturday & Sundays

Divers follow a scheduled programme of training and are regularly assessed throughout the course. If a diver achieves the minimum skills and technique required on each requirement of the level’s assessments they will be marked to move up. Parents can then find a space in the next Level lesson via Home Portal or via reception.

There are 5 booking levels which cover recreational diving with progressions through to elite squads for talented divers.

Children must be confident in very deep water (4m) or have passed stage 4 on the new national plan for teaching swimming.

Teen lessons (12 – 15 years) Thursdays

There are 3 levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) which covers recreational diving with progressions through to competitive squads for talented divers.

Divers work towards the ASA diving award scheme. Divers will be continuously assessed and moved to the next level as soon as they can complete all skills to the appropriate standard.

Children must be confident in very deep water (4m) or have passed stage 4 on the new national plan for teaching swimming.

Adult lessons (16 years +)  Thursdays

There are 2 levels (Beginner and Advanced)
Divers must demonstrate they can complete certain skills to a competent level before moving to the advanced lesson.

Divers must be confident in very deep water (4m) and be able to swim at least 25m.


Certificates & Badges (additional cost)

Your child will be able to gain certificates throughout their diving lessons.
Certificates will be issued by reception at the time of payment.
All certificates are signed by the head coach of the diving programme.
All certificates will be issued without the child’s name or date printed.  These details can be either added to the certificate yourself or if you would like your coach to complete it please bring them to your next diving lesson.


Child Protection Policy

Use of Photographic and Filming Equipment

Any persons wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close range photography must register their details with staff at the reception desk before carrying out such photography.  Authorisation stickers must be clearly displayed.
The use of mobile phones for taking photographic images is not permitted.
The Council reserves the right to decline such authorisation.
Photos may be taken during lessons to use as promotional material within the facility.  If you have any objections to this please inform Reception.


Re-Booking and Moving Classes

Children’s lessons (6 – 11 years)

Assessments will take place regularly throughout the course and children will be marked to move to the next level when they are ready. After a child has passed a level, you will then be able to choose your space in the next Level’s lesson via Home Portal or at reception.

If you wish to change the day of your lesson you can do so at reception. This option will not be available via Home Portal. If a customer wishes to change lessons for any reason they can do so at any point during the course provided there is spaces available.



How to book

Adult and Teen lessons (12 – 15 years)

There is no formal assessment day for movement up to the next level, assessments will take place regularly throughout the lessons. When each skill and requirement of the level has been passed the coach will mark you for movement onto the next level. This can be done at reception or via Home Portal.

If a customer wished to change lesson for any reason they can do so at any point during the course provided there is a space available.
If you book with a block of 12 lessons, to guarantee your place in the lesson you must top up your lessons before the final lesson of the block. This can be done over the phone or in person with reception.


How to book



  • Assessments will be carried out on a continual basis throughout the level.
  • During the assessment divers will complete a number of skills working from the criteria of the level.
  • Each skill will be given a mark;  Needs Practice, Fair, Good & Passed.
  • In order to move up to the next level all assessments must be marked as Passed.
  • Notices via email will be issued when the level has been passed. Movements can then be made via Home Portal or through reception.

Please be aware that we do not expect divers to pass their assessments every time. It may take a few attempts before achieving the pass level.



General Information

  • Toilets are located in the changing area and at reception.  We advise children to use the toilet prior to their lesson as instructors cannot accompany them.
  • Pre-swim showers are located as you walk onto poolside, all attendees must shower prior to their lesson.
  • Children should try to arrive 10 minutes prior to their lesson.
  • Lockers are available in the pool changing area, clothes should not be left in the changing cubicles.
  • If parents require information about their child’s progress, please ask at reception.
  • Parents must stay within the building if their child is under 8 years old.
  • Parents are not permitted onto the poolside and are asked to keep the shower area free to allow children easy access to and from their lesson.
  • Each child will receive 25 minutes instruction.
  • Swimming trunks/shorts above the knee or one piece swimsuit preferred.
  • Children with long hair should tie it back.
  • Goggles are not to be worn.
  • Every effort is made to offer continuity of instructor throughout the course; however this is not guaranteed.
  • Each child is issued a loyalty card. Please keep this safe as it will be required when re-booking.
  • Children must be able to swim at least 25m and be confident in very deep water (4m) or have passed stage 4 on the new national plan for teaching swimming.



  • To book tour place please contact our reception in person or over the phone on 01536 464643.

  • Payment is required when booking into a lesson. Payments can be made by either setting up a Direct Debit – Please be aware a pro-rata payment will be required when setting up. Or a cash/card payment can be made for a block of 12 lessons.

  • Block of lesson payments – Top up will be required prior to the last remaining lesson to ensure the space is guaranteed.

  • Refunds will not be issued for missed lessons.

Contact Information

If you require any further information about diving lessons please contact:

Ricardo Gutierrez – Diving Development Coach
Tel: 01536 464643
Email: ricardo.gutierrez@corby.gov.uk 


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