Details of Swimming & Programmed Activities

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Lane Swim (Main Pool only)

  • A great way to start the day with a wake up swim aimed to refresh and revive in the 25m pool.  Due to the depth of the 25m Main Pool (1.8m), we advise all customers that you should be able to swim 25m unaided.  No non-swimmers permitted in this pool.
  • For those very early risers join us - click here to view the timetable

Leisure Swimming

Absolutely everyone welcome.  Come enjoy a relaxing or energetic swim either in 50m or 25m main pool.  Please note admittance policy applies for under 8’s.

  • 50m leisure swim, available - click here to view the timetable
  • 25m swimming sessions click on the link above for days/times

63m Aquatube body ride available during some public swimming.   (Height/weight restrictions apply, children should be aged 5 or above, and 1.2m tall to use the Aquatube Body Ride.  Weight limit is 18 stone/114kg.)

Supervised diving

  • Minimum age 6 yrs
  • All users must be able to swim 25m
  • Sessions to be booked in advance as sessions are limited to 20 persons.
  • Admittance policy applies- (adults to be on poolside in swimwear to supervise all Under 8's using the diving boards)
  • Session starts with a 10 minute Health & Safety Induction followed by a 45 minute diving session (please note if the H&S induction is missed due to late arrival then we are sorry but you will not be allowed to take part in the session)
  • 5m, 3m and 1m boards open

Deep Water Workout

  • This session is for all ages and all fitness levels, weight loss and muscle toning
  • Swimmers, non swimmers, MS and Arthritic sufferers, able bodied and disabled can take part in this class
  • Supported by a floatation belt, you can take part in a totally new way to exercise
  • Workout to music in the weightless and painless environment of the water

*please advise the instructor of any medical problems*

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Shallow Water Workout

  • Shallow Water Workout is a fun low impact exercise class
  • It improves stamina, strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • This class is suitable for all ages and abilities

*please advise the instructor of any medical problems*

Shallow Water for Pregnancy

  • This is a great opportunity to keep fit throughout your pregnancy.

    45 minute workout in shallow water (1.4 metres ) and consists of exercises that are adapted and suitable for pregnant ladies.

    After an initial warm up the class consists of exercises to help maintain cardiovascular (heart and lung) fitness and also exercises to strengthen and tone the muscles.

    The class is suitable to attend throughout any stage of the pregnancy and you do not have to exercise on a regular basis beforehand.

    Non swimmers are welcome as the class is exercise based and not swimming based therefore both feet are on the floor at all times with water up to approximately chest height.

    Can help maintain fitness throughout your pregnancy and also as the water supports your body and bump it generally feels nice to be in the water as it takes about 75% of your body weight.

    Please check that it is ok to exercise with your Doctor/Midwife before attending the class. All new participants are required to fill out a Pre exercise readiness form at the first class. If there any questions please email which can be forwarded to the Instructor to contact you directly.

*please advise the Instructor of any medical problems*

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1.4 metre Family Swim sessions

If you are not confident in deep water, this swimming session is ideal for you - click here to view the timetable.

This sesion will take place in the fun end of the Main Pool with the water depth at 1.4 metres.

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Adult/Disability and Additional Needs Sessions

Monday - Friday 12noon - 1pm a session for adult/disability and additional needs.  20m pool, depth 1m and temperture range 30 - 31 degrees.  Walk in steps and pool hoist available.

Disability/Additional Needs Sessions

Saturday/Sunday 1pm - 5pm shared use with public for leisure swimming in the 20m pool, walk insteps and pool hoist available.


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