Corby Borough Council is bringing back those good vibrations with the ever popular VibroGym so if it's your time to get fit, here's what to do!

The VibroGym is the 'one stop shop' of exercise equipment, that enables you to complete a quick and easy full body workout in just 20 minutes.  No matter what your age, ability or medical condtion, the VibroGym caters for all.  The VibroGym can massage, strengthen and increase flexibilty with your muscles.

A 20 minute session lead by a personal instructor who will ensure to take you through a workout with the VibroGym which will cater for all your exercise needs.

Sessions are held at Lodge Park Sports Centre and are open to all abilities who are over the age of 16.  To book a session call 01536 400033.  50% discount for Direct Debit Members.

Last updated: Friday 4th December 2015 10:32:13 AM