Teen Fitness

Lodge Park Sports Centre & Corby International Pool

12 – 15 years

As part of the Junior Leisure Club for £12 per month (no contract or joining fee) we offer Teen Fitness Sessions for ages 12 – 15 year olds. These sessions can also be booked on a pay as you go basis per session. The Junior Leisure Club also includes: Swimming, Supervised Diving use of the Gym, amongst other activities for more information view here


The Teen Fitness sessions are based in the Gym and the Pool at selective times. The majority of Teen Fitness sessions are offered at off peak times.  We advise booking but we also ask that you cancel if you are unable to attend.  An Induction must be booked for the first session with a Registration Pack signed by a parent/guardian.  No fee for induction, just entry fee to the session (if you are a Junior Leisure Club member this session is free).  View timetable for more information about all the sessions available


Teen Gym – A Supervised session in the Gym at Lodge Park Sports Centre or Corby International Pool using the Cardiovascular equipment such as Treadmills, Bikes, Cross Trainers, Elliptical, Steppers, Rowers. An Introduction on to the equipment is needed with a completed Teen Fitness registration form with parent/guardian consent.


‘Train Together’ – This is a new service designed to promote family use as we want parents/guardians/responsible adults to have the opportunity to exercise with their children. During off peak periods, members can train with their children provided they are between 12 and 15 years of age. As this is not a supervised by a gym instructor like our Teen Gym sessions, members that bring children are expected to monitor their child at all times. Limited to 2 children per adult. 

Group Exercise Classes - Children aged 14+ can attend. 


What’s Next when you turn 16?

At the age of 16 years Teen Fit Members can start to use the Gym and classes at both sites. We require you to have a review with a member of the Gym team to update your medical information and Health Questionnaire and then to be shown the resistance equipment in the Gym. This is free of charge.


Payment Options

  1. Monthly Memberships; enquire at reception or with a member of staff about the latest membership options available.

  2. Pay as you go per session.

  3. There are concessions available for full time students on a pay as you go price. Proof of this will need to be provided on an annual basis.

Loyalty Cards are issued on joining free of charge but are then required to be renewed annually. Loyalty Points are rewarded for every pound you spend (2 points per £1) which you can redeem against activities at the facilities.

Train Together and Teen Fitness Registration Pack (must be completed and signed on the day of induction).

To book an induction please contact Lodge Park Sports Centre on 01536 400033 - please ensure you have printed off and completed the Teen Fitness Registration Pack (see above).

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