Town twinning

VelbertThe town of Corby is twinned with the French town of Châtellerault, and the German town of Velbert 
Velbert is an industrial town located in green spaces and  is close to the major cities of Dusseldorf, Essen and Wuppertal.....Velbert is a city in three parts - the family focused shopping in Velbert-Mitte, art and culture in the historical old city centre of Langenberg and the monumental pilgrimage cathedral in Neviges.
Châtellerault is the chief town in the Vienne district, located at the borders of Tourraine and Poitou.....With the merging of four rivers Vienne, Clain, Envigne and Auzon. Directly in between Paris and Bordeaux, Châtellerault extends over nearly 5,193 hectares.
The twinning of the three towns began in 1965. The signing of the first official charter was in 1979. Since then the towns have remained strongly linked.
A Corby Twinning Group (independent from the Council) has been set up.  If you would like to join or would like further information please email Councillor Judy Caine