Corby Borough Council is looking to support not for profit Community Groups and individuals through its One Corby Grant Scheme 2017/18. Applicants can apply for up to £500 (Small Grants), £500 (Arts Grants), £2,000 (Health & Wellbeing). All projects must take place before the (31st March 2018).

How does the Scheme work?
Once an application is submitted, it will be checked to see if it meets criteria and is fully completed.
Officers may contact the applicant for further information to support the application.

The application will then go forward to the Grants Committee for a decision to be made by Elected Councillors.
Applicants will be informed of the outcome.

If successful, applicants will need to sign a condition of grant to release payment and complete monitoring forms once the project has been completed.

How can people apply?
Please contact the Community Development Officers for a copy of the application form and criteria. These can be sent out via post or email.

How can I get more information or support?
If you have any queries or questions relating to the scheme, please contact the Community Development Officer on 01536 464144 or email
Deadline Dates & Grants Committee Dates:

  • Grants Deadlines: Wednesday 1st November 2017 & Wednesday 31st January 2018.  
  • Grants Committee: Wednesday 29th November 2017 & Wednesday 28th February 2018

Applications must be received by 12noon on the given date to be considered.
Late or partially filled applications will not be considered.
Criteria - click here for more information.

Click on the title below for the Grant you are applying for (please be advised that the funding for Health & Wellbeing Grants has been fully allocated for this financial year):

For details of the agreed Core Organisations and Amounts click here for more information.

Links to other grants

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