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Assets of Community Value


The purpose of this is to set out the Council's support and management of the process with regards to the Assets of Community Value Regulations Policy/Community Right to Bid.


Assets of Community Value which is also known as is derived from the Localism Act 2011 'The Community Right to Bid' (‘the Right’).

The aim of the Right is to empower communities wishing to protect valuable local assets (land and buildings) by requiring the Council to maintain a list of assets in its area which are of community value, so that upon sale, the community will have a chance to delay a sale in order to prepare a bid to buy it.

The Right does not restrict in any way who the owner of the asset can sell his property to, or at what price and it does not confer a right of first refusal to community interest groups.

The Right does not apply to residential property or operational land as defined in the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Part 2.

For information relating to the above and the process in place please click on the headings below:

The Process

The Government has published an Assets of Community Value Policy Statement and Statutory Regulations, which set out statutory elements of how the Right should operate.

This section of the policy statement explains the Councils local process for operation of the Right - click on the head below for more information.

Community Right to Bid/Assets of Community Value Regulations Policy - download whole document

How to nominate an asset

Please complete the nomination form and submit to the Principal Leisure Officer (Communities), Deene House, New Post Office Square, Corby, Northants NN17 1GD 

Public Notice of the intended disposal of the Old TA Building - visit: https://www.corby.gov.uk/home/business/commercial-property/public-notices

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