STAR Survey 2018 Results

Every few years Corby Borough Council through Landlord Services carry out a STAR survey (Survey of Tenants and Residents).  

A total of 5,267 Corby Borough Council tenants and residential leaseholders were invited to take part in a full survey which took place between September and October 2018. With 1,576 responses the return rate was a generous 30%.

The survey gives our tenants and residential leaseholders the chance to tell us what they think about such things as the quality of their homes, the repairs and maintenance service, how well we listen and act on issues and how well we look after the their neighbourhoods.

The results help to provide us with a real insight into how satisfied our tenants and residential leaseholders are with the services that we provide to them and what really matters to them. Detailed below are the responses to seven key questions that all registered social housing providers use to compare performance against their peer organisations. 

  1. Satisfaction level with the service provided by Corby Borough Council’s Housing Service overall
  • General Needs Tenants: 82%
  • Sheltered Housing Tenants: 88%
  1. Satisfaction level with the quality of your home
  • General Needs Tenants: 83%      
  • Sheltered Housing Tenants: 89%
  1. Satisfaction level with your neighbourhood as a place to live
  • General Needs Tenants: 82%      
  • Sheltered Housing Tenants: 94%
  1. Satisfaction level with the repairs and maintenance service overall
  • General Needs Tenants: 74%
  • Sheltered Housing Tenants: 82%
  1. Satisfaction level with the housing service listening and acting on your views
  • General Needs Tenants: 64%
  • Sheltered Housing Tenants: 73%
  1. Satisfaction level with your rent providing value for money
  • General Needs Tenants: 82%      
  • Sheltered Housing Tenants: 86%
  1. Satisfaction level with a service charge if you pay for a service charge
  • General Needs Tenants: 53%      
  • Sheltered Housing Tenants: 76%


When looking at various aspects of service delivery, some of the highest levels of satisfaction were awarded to aspects of the repairs service such as the attitude of the repairs staff, keeping dirt and mess to a minimum, whilst satisfaction with the neighbourhood and quality of the home also received high satisfaction rates.

Could Do Better

Levels of expressed dissatisfaction by tenants tended to focus on aspects of the complaints service and the anti-social behaviour service. Other areas of dissatisfaction related to the last repair, such as communication, perceptions of ‘right first time’, and dissatisfaction with the time taken before work started.

As a result of the survey we are reviewing the services where satisfaction levels need to improve by developing better services.

Last updated: Wednesday 11th September 2019 11:46:19 AM
Review date: Saturday 5th September 2020 11:45:53 AM