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Your Neighbourhood

Neighbourhood Wardens are employed to work for the entire borough. Their main role is to work within neighbourhoods to promote respect for people, property and the environment; and to encourage resident community involvement.

The Neighbourhood Wardens focus on the following responsibilities:

  •    Participating in community projects
  •    Removing litter, fly tipping, and graffiti from housing land
  •    Safely disposing of abandoned, used needles
  •    Tackling anti-social behaviour in open spaces
  •    Helping tenants and leaseholders to access other organisations and services
  •    Communicating with all tenants, residents and leaseholders about community issues or problems
  •    Helping resolve local disputes
  •    Promoting the involvement of young people in their local environment through school projects and events.


Last updated: Tuesday 3rd August 2021 10:29:37 AM
Review date: Friday 29th July 2022 10:29:15 AM