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Neighbourhood Management

Neighbourhood Management - Bringing the Council and our partners closer to you

What is Neighbourhood Management?

A proactive team working with the community and local services to improve your quality of life through partnership working.

Neighbourhood Management is committed to:

  • Listening to and acting on local problems, issues and concerns about where you live, where you shop, where you play and where you work. The school, the street, the park, the shopping precinct, the industrial estate, the doctors, etc
  • Developing more opportunities for you to influence and be included in local decision making and how services are run in your neighbourhood.
  • We hold quarterly 'Take Action' sessions across the borough where we will ask you how you feel about where you live.
  • Hold 'Grot Spot' questionnaires, which aim to help us deal with the issues that concern you.
  • Take responsibility for the improved coordination and delivery of many of your local services.
  • Support front line Councillors, as your neighbourhood representative, to address your problems and listen to your suggestions.
Last updated: Monday 25th October 2021 08:43:34 AM
Review date: Thursday 20th October 2022 08:42:51 AM