Tenant, Leaseholder, Resident Involvement

The Involvement Business is a strategic document that details the legal and regulatory framework that the Council as a landlord operates in. It provides a policy statement, an agreement, sets out priorities and provides improvement plans for the Council to undertake in the field of tenant, leaseholder and wider community involvement.

For further details and to see which neighbourhood associations have signed up to endorse and support the The Involvement Business please click the document to the righthand side of this page.

Homes & Communities Agency

The Homes and Communities Agency is the national regulator for all registered social housing providers and is also the national regeneration agency for England.  For further information relating to the Regulatory Framework please click on the Housing Regulator document.

Time To Get Involved - A Tenant Guide To Getting Involved With Corby Borough Council

Since the year 2000 the Government has been encouraging tenants to take an active role in how they can proactively help improve the housing service that Councils provide for them and to help create better neighbourhoods to live in.

If you are a tenant of Corby Borough Council it is now easier for you help shape the housing services that the Council delivers to tenants as a landlord and to have a say to about what’s happening in your neighbourhood.

Most tenants agree that involvement is a good idea and it would be nice to see more tenants taking the time to get involved. The intention of the booklet is to help tenants understand how important it is for tenants to share their views and let tenants know how they can get involved.

Just click on the link below to find out about the number of different ways that tenants can get involved, what may be giving you second thoughts about getting involved, reasons to get involved and what is in it for the Council, what’s in it for tenants, the ways that tenants can get involved.

Get Involved Now – There’s Never Been A Better Time

The world of housing management and the way that housing providers such as the Council are regulated seem recently to be forever changing. Although new Government policies being developed all the time tenant involvement is here to stay.

As a tenant of Corby Borough Council your views are therefore important. Some tenants are happy to give a long term commitment to being involved whilst others dip on and out of involvement activities as it suits them – and that’s fine.

It’s easy to sit back and leave things to others, but are the tenants that are currently involved representing your views?  Could your views make a difference and improve the services that the Council as a landlord delivers to all of its tenants?

Resident Involvement

There are a number of ways that any resident may get involved to help make a difference to the area and communities that they live in - see link in further information below.


There are a number of neighbourhood associations that operate across the borough of Corby and one of the ways where people may make a difference is by attending these meetings to raise issues and concerns that the association may help them with.

For further information about tenant involvement and neighbourhood associations please contact Derek Young, Tenant Participation Officer, Corby Borough Council, Landlord Services, Deene House, New Post Office Square , Corby, Northamptonshire, NN17 1GD

Tele: 01536 464605
Mobile: 07775 827 348
E-Mail: derek.young@corby.gov.uk

Association Meeting Dates

Community Walkabouts

Community Walkabouts are designed so that any resident living in an urban area of Corby, or in an outlying village, can visually inspect their estate or village by walking around the area that they live in to identify and solve issues that concern to them. The living environment may be improved by changes being made to tackle security issues, anti-social behaviour, crime and disorder or vandalism.

If you are interested in taking part in a walkabout or would like further information please contact the Community Engagement & Business Officer Corby Borough Council, Neighbourhood Services, Deene House, New Post Office Square , Corby, Northamptonshire, NN17 1GD

Tele: 01536 464603
E-Mail: neighbourhood.mangement@corby.gov.uk

Community Walkabouts Schedule

Further Information

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