Tenant and Leaseholder Involvement Clubs

If you are a Council tenant or a long term residential leaseholder would you like to join the Involvement Clubs that we have set up?

The Council recognises that there is a business need to involve tenants and residential leaseholders to shape the services that we deliver to them. As such it is committed to involving tenants and leaseholders in improvement initiatives.

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Following the request for Improvement Club members in our talkback newsletters we can advise that we are making steady progress with the databases with over 190 members in the Tenant Involvement Club and 14 in the Leaseholders Involvement Club.

Like To Become A Member Of An Involvement Club?

You can get involved in this project by joining the Tenant Involvement Club or Leaseholder Involvement Club. Just by completing a simple registration form you can decide how you would like to be consulted or get involved, from simple things like receiving information through the post or taking part in an estate or village walkabout to help improve your local living environment.

Armchair Consultation & Involvement

If you prefer not to attend meetings, or find it difficult to leave your home, you can take part in the comfort of your own armchair through postal surveys, e-mail surveys or simply choose to be consulted over the telephone – our armchair involvement options.

Quite simply these options ensure that you have the opportunity to give the Council as your landlord your views and be involved in decisions that are being made that may affect you or your community without the need to leave the comfort of your own home.

 Why Not Complete A Registration Form Today?

All you need to do is:

  • Look at the choices on offer
  • Tick the services that you would like to see improved
  • Tick the type of involvement that suits you
  • Provide the required details that are requested

Supported Housing Service Improvement Group

The Supported Housing Service Improvement Group was created because it was recognised that tenants living in supported housing receive different housing and associated services compared to tenants who live in general needs accommodation.

The group meets 11 times a year to improve housing services and the quality of life for all tenants living in supported housing in the borough of Corby. The tenants raise issues that help the Council to deliver improved services that are more tailored to their needs

Further Details

For further information about the tenant and leaseholder involvement clubs, or if you are a tenant living in sheltered accommodation and would like to know a bit more about the Supported Housing Service improvement Group, just contact the Tenant Participation Officer on 01536 464605 or e-mail landlord.services@corby.gov.uk Alternatively you can send in a letter to Landlord Services, Corby Borough Council, Deene House, New Post Office Square, Corby, Northants, NN17 1GD.

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