House Exchange

House Exchange

Please note that the Council has changed its FREE online mutual exchange matching service provider for secure tenants to House Exchange.

Existing HomeSwapper or Swap and Move subscribers are encouraged to register for the new FREE service and any secure tenant who would like to start a search for an exchange partner can also register their interest now.

It’s easy to exchange. Just visit or download their free App that is available on the App store and on Google Play. Enter details of your current home, the home you want to move to and see your possible swaps.

The Council maintains the view that it is essential to strike a balance between landlord and tenant whilst ensuring that the service provided is accessible, customer friendly and focused. We are in the business of managing our tenancies on a Value for Money basis and to achieve this we will encourage this activity. Our aim is to promote a culture of assisting tenants to exchange accommodation. 




Last updated: Tuesday 5th March 2019 11:37:54 AM
Review date: Friday 28th February 2020 11:37:33 AM