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Services for Tenants

If you are a tenant of Corby Borough Council this section will give you useful information and advice about your tenancy, your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and how you can become involved in shaping the services that the Council provides to tenants as a landlord.

Your rights

As a Council tenant you have certain rights and responsibilities depending on the type of tenancy that you hold. For more information on tenancies and the rights that they grant you please use the document below.

Your right to be involved in housing management

All Council tenants and leaseholders have the right to have a say in how the properties they live in are managed. This is called tenant involvement and it helps to ensure that the housing services provided by the Council are improving.

The Council believes that the more it involves tenants in what it does, the more satisfied tenants will be with the services that the Council offers. This is why it provides plenty of involvement opportunities. If tenants want to play an active role in developing new types of tenant services or housing management, the Council will give them all the help and support it can.

Your responsibilities

A full description of your tenant responsibilities are set out in the tenancy agreement that you have signed.

Your main responsibilities are to:

  • Pay your rent on time and make arrangements to pay any other debts you may have with the Council
  • Keep your home and garden (if you have one) reasonably clean and tidy
  • Not to disturb or harass your neighbours.

    For more information on tenancies and the rights that they grant you, please click the button below for the Tenancy Agreement Page where you will find further information and documentation.

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