Other Support and Website Links

Is your problem more than just money worries?

Are you struggling to know where to turn?

The Financial Inclusion and Support Service can assist with supporting you to maintain your tenancy, hoarding issues, combating loneliness and isolation, accessing other services such as mental health* or addiction support, volunteering opportunities and accessing local IT courses. 

To access this service a referral is required via your Corby Borough Council Housing Officer.

Alternatively, if you need immediate support with any aspect of social support please visit the websites shown aside for further advice.

*If you are in need of urgent support with regards to your mental health please contact your GP as soon as possible.

  1. For Corby MIND - www.corbymind.btik.com
  2. For information regarding local well being service - www.changingmindscentre.co.uk
  3. For volunteering opportunities - http://corbyvcs.org.uk/
  4. For support with addiction – www.changegrowlive.org
  5. To help combat loneliness - www.autumncentre.co.uk
  6. For digital inclusion and IT courses - http://www3.northamptonshire.gov.uk/councilservices/library-service/Pages/default.aspx
Last updated: Monday 6th August 2018 04:17:48 PM