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Community Alarm Life Line

What is a Community Alarm “Life Line”

A community alarm Life Line is a device which is connected to your telephone landline. The alarm enables you to have comfort that you will get a response from our service in the event of an emergency.

How does the service work ?

The service works via a special alarm telephone unit which we provide and install.

The control operator and the caller can speak to one another, enabling the operator to assess the situation and arrange for assistance.

If you have an emergency, then pressing the button on the unit will automatically dial the Control Centre. The control centre operator can identify you as soon as the call is connected and can immediately contact the best person or service to assist whist retaining a comfort and contact service with you.

What does the service cost ?

Installation, equipment and demonstrations are free However, there is a monthly or weekly charge for the ongoing service dependent on your tenure type.

Tenants of Corby Borough Council in non sheltered housing pay £3.15 per week, which will be met by Housing Benefit if you are eligible.

For owner occupiers, leaseholders and tenants of other landlords with keyholder (family or friends) - this costs £289.72 per year

Charges for the service are reviewed each April.

Payments can be made by cash cheque or debit card on receipt of the annual invoice. or by setting up a standing order with your bank.Arrangements can me made to pay a weekly or monthly payment if you are unable to pay in full for the full year.

What is a keyholder?

If you need help in an emergency, you may not be able to open the door to the person or service called to help you.

To avoid any delays and avoid having to break in to your home, we will ask you to nominate someone who can hold a key on your behalf.

This can be your next of kin or a nominated local person who would be happy to be contacted in case of emergency and who is able to respond quickly.

If you do not have anyone locally then we can arrange for a key safe to be fitted.

What is a Key safe?

A key safe is a small key storage system that is mounted to an outside wall and is resistant to hammering and sawing. It can be accessed via a combination lock set to your own chosen number. The number is held on the computer system in the Control Centre.

This allows instant access to responding personnel in an emergency situation.

What do I need for the system to work?

A standard electrical socket for the base unit to plug in to

A British Telecom or Cable landline telephone socket

Installing the alarm

An alarm unit is easily connected to any telephone and electric socket and can be installed within days of being requested.

We can arrange a no obligation consultation and demonstration in your own home, simply contact the control centre on 01536 400088.

Will it affect my existing telephone?

No, the unit has a plug that allows your normal telephone to be connected at the same time as Lifeline.

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