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Housing Strategy and Development

Housing Strategy and Development are responsibilities within the Housing and Neighbourhood Services department of Corby Borough Council.

Housing and tenancy related strategies are the statements of how we intend to drive the business of housing in the short to medium term future and are working documents - designed to work with the wider business of the council shown in the Corporate Plan.  They also act as guidance for our partners, stakeholders and customers as to how the business of housing is expected to be delivered.  Links to information and sites that relate or interact with our local housing and tenancy related strategies are provided for ease of reference.

Housing Development is a key area which extends out of the Housing and Homelessness Strategy and looks at where in the Borough we need to develop, improve and renew housing.  This is complemented by the Housing Development Strategy which confirms the Council’s approach in the development of additional homes to existing Council housing stock. The development page focuses on the areas that the Council are developing and renewing and links to other information relating to this in the wider context.

Contact details of the Strategy and Development teams are provided on these pages and should be used for any queries you have in relation to the information provided.

We have also provided an Archive section that contains historical documents relating to both Strategy and Development. Information such as former strategies, site maps of regeneration and development areas and so on can be found here.

And finally, we hope you enjoyed your time spent on our pages and we want to ensure that the information that we are providing is kept relevant, up to date and easy to understand. You can help us do this by letting us know what you think and sharing your ideas on what you consider should be changed or included. This can be done by using the feedback box at the side or by contacting any member of the team using the details on the ‘Contacts’ page.

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