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CCTV plays a significant role in reducing crime and disorder and increasing community safety and public reassurance as well as assisting the police in investigating crime.

Significant reductions in crime have taken place in the past 5 years in Corby, we have seen a 37.5% reduction in crime and year to date we have seen a 24% reduction in anti-social behaviour. This has been the result of a true partnership approach and there are various initiatives, powers and tools that have been implemented to achieve this reduction. CCTV is one of these tools.

We have a number of CCTV cameras in and around our Neighbourhood estates, particularly in areas where we experience high volumes of crime and disorder. Through discussions at the Joint Action Groups by various frontline officers and through Community Consultation events such as JAG for ALL (622 individuals) and our 4 'weeks of action' (approx 400 individuals) the community and our frontline officers are often telling us that CCTV would offer a solution to the problems they are experiencing. CCTV not only impacts on crime but also increases the feeling of community safety.

Corby Community Safety Partnership has also completed evaluations with CCTV projects that we have implemented including talking CCTV and personal CCTV kits offered to individuals. The initial findings suggest that we have not only had a reduction in crime through prevention but the community also feel safer. To date the CCTV system at Corby Borough Council has resulted in over 4200 arrests directly attributable to the CCTV system and it has been instrumental in identifying and bringing to justice scores of offenders, including several high profile murderers in Corby Borough.

The CCTV staff work closely with the police and local businesses, providing intelligence used in the detection and prevention of crime and disorder, helping to inform and direct officers on the ground and providing video evidence usable in court.  Liaison between the CCTV and police control room at Police Headquarters in Northampton is achieved via a direct fibre optic link to a spot monitor located in the police control room as well as a dedicated phone line for direct communications between operators. The CCTV control room staff also have a police airwave radio

allowing direct contact with operational police officers and our neighbourhood wardens. The close working relationships between the police, CCTV staff and local businesses has led to many police surveillance operations carried out within the CCTV control room and has led to numerous arrests and several commendations by Northamptonshire Police.

CCTV not only helps to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour, it has a positive impact on how local residents and businesses feel. Pro-actively monitored CCTV contributes to the increased feeling of community safety and reduces the fear of crime.

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Last updated: Tuesday 4th May 2021 09:00:10 AM