Food & Biodiversity

Below you’ll find information about the various ways you can grow or produce your own food in Corby as well as advice on healthy eating and campaigns in the area, plus advice on ways to increase the biodiversity of your garden.

Tips to Reduce Waste and Save Money

  1. Plan your meals for the week to avoid overbuying
  2. Take your leftovers and make new meals
  3. Use a freeze, many fresh foods can be frozen to stop them from going off. 
  4. Use a shopping list and try and stick to it then you will only buy what you need.
  5. Look at 'use by' and 'best by' dates. 

Growing food in Corby 

  • Growing your own food is a simple and effective way to get good, healthy and affordable food, to enjoy cultivating beautiful green spaces and meet local people. 
  • Compost is an easy way to feed your garden soil. Using compost improves soil structure, texture, and aeration and increases the soil’s water-holding capacity, while at the same time improving it’s drainage. 
  • Allotments are plots of land that people rent so they can grow their own food.

Keeping Healthy


Biodiversity is the variety of all living things around us. Corby and its surrounding countryside have a wealth of plants and animals and important natural landscapes, many of which are threatened and need our help for protection. 

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