Environmental Policy and Climate Local

Action on Climate Change

Corby Borough Council is committed to a greener and healthier Borough and our priorities are outlined under the theme of Climate Change and Environment in our Corporate Plan.  To further our commitment we have refreshed our Environmental Policy and we have become a signatory of the Climate Local Commitment.


Environmental Sustainability Strategy - 'Action on Climate Change'

This Strategy sets out our ‘Climate Local’ priorities and environmental actions in one document. This strategy outlines the pathway towards a low carbon economy that will serve the Community’s long term interests, as well as increasing our awareness of how to become a climate resilient borough. To download this strategy see documents to the right.

Environmental Policy

The Environmental Policy is a one page statement outlining the Council’s overall approach to reducing its environmental impact from its own estate and operations, and how we will positively engage with the community.To download this policy see documents to the right.

Climate Local 

This succeeds the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change and offers a framework that can reflect local priorities and opportunities for action. It supports councils' efforts both to reduce carbon emissions and to improve their resilience to the anticipated changes in the climate.
Climate local is an Local Government Association initiative which consists of a Climate Local Commitment - for councils to sign to demonstrate their commitment to addressing climate change and to challenge themselves to build on their existing achievements. To download this commitment statement see documents to the right.
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