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Street cleansing

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Streetscene Services are responsible for cleaning the streets and removing litter. We have a large mechanical sweeper, mini sweepers and manual sweepers carrying out this work. Sweeping/litter picking is carried out on a rolling programme with areas requiring most attention cleaned more frequently.

If there is a problem please tel: 01536 464242

An introduction to environmental cleansing

Environmental Cleansing includes mechanical sweeping of streets and pathways to remove detritus and litter and litter picking of areas not suitable for mechanical sweeping. Section 89(1) of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990 places a duty on Corby Borough Council to ensure that our land is, as far as is practicable, kept clear of litter and refuse.

Section 89(2) places further responsibility on us to remove detritus from the highway. It is not a duty but recommended that detritus is also removed from other hard surfaces such as pathways.

The 1990 Act does not provide a comprehensive definition of litter or detritus but the following may be used as a guide:


Litter is most commonly assumed to include materials, often associated with smoking, such as cigarette butts and eating and drinking that are improperly discarded and left by members of the public; or are spilt during business operations as well as waste management operations, animal faeces and chewing gum. A single plastic sack of rubbish should be regarded as fly tipping rather than litter.


Detritus comprises small, broken down particles of synthetic and natural material which are created through mechanical, human, animal and natural actions. Detritus includes dust, mud, soil, grit, gravel, stones, rotted leaf and vegetable residues, and fragments of twigs, glass, plastic and other finely divided materials. Leaf and blossom fall are only to be regarded as detritus once they have substantially lost their structure and have become mushy or fragmented. Detritus is commonly found in the channel where the road meets the pavement and where the pathway adjoins a fence or hedgerow.

Street cleaning

The council undertakes regular scheduled street cleaning of footpaths, roads and open spaces within the town and villages in the Borough. Different areas of the Borough are cleaned at different minimum frequencies, but as a general rule, the following criteria apply:

  1. Our Shopping Centres will be cleaned daily and kept predominately free of litter.
  2. Town centre outskirts and principal urban routes will be cleaned weekly
  3. High density suburban housing areas will be cleaned no less than once every four weeks
  4. Low density housing areas, villages and rural link roads are cleaned no less than every eight weeks.
  5. The sweeping of gullies and drains (channel sweeping) in all Parishes will be carried out four times a year.

We will clean and maintain the streets and open spaces within the Borough to the standards specified in the Environmental Protection Act 1990 which places a statutory duty upon the Council to ensure that public land is kept clear of litter and refuse so far as is reasonably practicable.

Our aim is to keep our streets and open spaces substantially free from litter.

Discarded needles and syringes on streets and in open spaces will be removed within 3 hours during normal working hours by the contractor.

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