Litter enforcement

It is the Council's belief that raising awareness about the serious issues of litter should be the initial step to stopping the problem in the Borough, we think it is far more beneficial in the first instance, to provide people with the necessary material needed to make informed choices. We hope this will improve the cleanliness of the Borough and reduce the amount of litter throughout.

Whilst our Street Cleansing team are dedicated to the clearing of litter around the Borough, the ideal situation would be that everyone who lives and works in Corby Borough would act responsibly with their rubbish and the area would be litter free.

This will be done by various methods, including newspapers, mail shots and information on our web site.
If you think you or your organisation would benefit from such a program, please contact the Council on (01536) 276938 or (01536) 276930 or e-mail  

Last updated: Tuesday 9th July 2019 10:08:22 AM
Review date: Saturday 18th January 2020 02:12:16 PM