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Real Nappies

The Real Nappy Campaign aims to highlight the problems associated with common disposable nappies and encourages local parents to make the waste-conscious choice to switch over to washable alternatives. We believe that washable cotton nappies are the most environmentally friendly choice for parents, helping to protect resources for future generations, save waste and also save families money.

Did you know?

  • Nearly 8000 babies are born in Northamptonshire every year
  • Approximately one tonne of disposable nappies per baby is thrown away every year
  • The first disposables are still slowly rotting away in landfill sites around Northamptonshire.
  • The plastic in the nappies may never rot away completely
  • In a household with a baby up to 50% of their household rubbish could be disposable nappies
  • Every year councils in the UK spend at least £40 million disposing of disposable nappies

What are real nappies?

  • They are real because they are not made from plastic and do not contain chemicals
  • Real nappies are usually made from cotton and are machine washable
  • They can be used again and again, unlike disposable nappies

Why choose real nappies?

Using washable nappies can save you money:

  • Disposable nappies cost between £5-£10 per week for approximately 2½ years - a total of approx £650 to £1300!
  • A birth to potty set of real nappies typically costs £200 but can cost as little as £70

It's so easy:

  • Most real nappies have Velcro fastenings and some are shaped for your convenience
  • There's no need for pins and folding
  • You can also buy all-in-one nappies
  • They're easy to wash - no need for boiling, you can wash them at 40 degrees

They look great:

  • There are many trendy designs in many different fabrics to choose from
  • And a choice of colours and patterns too!

More than one baby!

A number of county parents have discovered how easy it is to use real nappies with twins.

  • You will need to purchase more nappies to begin with but will make a substantial saving on each child compared to disposables.
  • If anything with twins you are making a larger saving as there are no extra wash loads for the extra baby as when you wash your nappies you have a full load rather than a half load.
  • The only real difference is that you will need slightly more space to dry your nappies if you air dry them.
  • The cheapest way to use real nappies is to have two babies in nappies one in the small size and one in the large size.
  • This way you will only need to buy one set of each nappy; again there will be no more washing for the extra child and your wash load will always be full.


Last updated: Monday 8th March 2021 05:59:21 PM
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