Missed Bin Collection

Please check before you report a missed bin that it was placed at the edge of your property by 7 am on your usual collection day.

Bins are emptied by different vehicles at different times.  Please wait until our crews finish at 3 pm before you report a missed bin.  You can only report a missed bin within 48 hours of the missed collection date.  Incidents reported after 48 hours will not be collected.

Once we have confirmed that your collection has been missed, we will request that the contractor returns to your property within 72 hours. If there has been a reported issue with your collection, we will contact you.

On occasions it may not be possible for us to access bins due to parked cars, road works or vehicle breakdowns. In circumstances such as these, where we have missed bins on a whole street or a large area of it, we will return the following day and will continue to until we can gain access.

If we are unable to empty your bin because it contains wrong items or it is too heavy for the bin lifts on the collection vehicle, your bin will be tagged with a red label indicating what the problem is and will not be collected until the contamination has been removed.  Unfortunately we won't be able to return to empty this bin until the next due collection.

Report a missed bin collection using our Customer Self Service portal  (registration is required to ensure address details are correct)  or contact the Council tel 01536 464242. You can also check your recycling and waste collection dates on the Customer Self Service portal

You can also check you collection day & which bins are due to be collected from our Customer Self Service portal MyCorby




Last updated: Thursday 5th October 2017 08:51:11 PM
Review date: Sunday 30th September 2018 08:47:54 PM